hololive production

Supporter Guideline

Hello, everyone.

Online communication has increased greatly over the past few years. People are flocking to online entertainment as a common form of leisure all around the world, and communicating across borders, genders, and generations in this new era.

And this has led to a time where various thoughts and values coexist in the same space.

Where love exists, so does hate. It’s perfectly natural, considering that each one of us has come up in a different environment. What is obvious to one may not be obvious
to another, and this difference shows up in all kinds of ways.

While we strive to build a culture loved by all, we’re also aiming to create a world where everyone accepts that we all have different thoughts and values.

And because we do, we believe it’s important not to force those values onto others, attack them, and try to remove them from the spotlight, but rather accept those differences between us.

In order to make real, confident strides forward in this diverse world,
we have created these guidelines as a “common language”
of this new era of fandom…

In hopes that we can be a guidepost for you all.

Success is not something to be taken for granted. When working toward a goal, there may be times when things don’t go so well, or when it takes time to improve. At such times, instead of focusing on their failures, we should encourage our favorites by saying, “Hang in there!” or
“Tomorrow will be better!”

Once they finally achieve their goal, praise them, saying, “Congratulations!” “Good job!”

New challenges take a tremendous amount of courage. Your favorites gain great strength when you say, “I like this” about them. So when they try something new, they always have to wonder if you will accept what they’re trying to do, which means the very act of trying takes a far bigger amount of courage than anyone could ever imagine.

However, these attempts will become your favorites’ footsteps towards something new, towards a new side of them.
Please watch over them so that they may shine ever brighter on new stages and new frontiers.

Everyone has thoughts and values of their own. We believe that your forms of love and support are as varied as you are. However, we also believe that your desire to support your favorites in whatever they do is the same, and just as strong, as ours.

In the process, you may encounter opinions that may differ from your own perspectives. Instead of disrespecting them, please respect them and understand that they are just different.

We want you all to calmly accept such differences and respect not only your favorites, but also yourself and other members of the community.

Your cooperation is essential for us to continue to provide opportunities for our talents to achieve their dreams
while respecting the ideals that they have.

We hope to create a new aspect of hololive production together with our fans as “friends” who support each other even beyond the

With talents, supporters, and production hand in hand, let’s aim for a community we build together.

Together, Let’s Build A Community Loved By All

Beyond boundaries, gender, and even generations, let’s create an environment where supporters can proudly recommend
the community and invite new supporters.